Friday, March 12, 2010

Crimson Bomber Redesign

I didn't like the design of the Crimson Bomber (the player's ship) before and I have the code working for Versilla to get a demo up (and to test some features and add in things I didn't see before), so I decided to redesign the Crimson Bomber. And I seem to suck at pulling ideas out of my head as they are fairly vague shapes in my head and I'm not very good at drawing. BUT! I did get something out...looks like an orca:

Crimson Bomber Concept

And here is the current Crimson Bomber for reference:
Old Crimson Bomber

I was still planning to have the two side things cover the ship basically but usually stay split like before, but now I'm not sure. I do still want side thingies but because they wouldn't cover the ship like before I have nothing. Got a vague idea looking at some sci-fi art for inspiration and basically got this going on

Side View:
New Crimson Design

Top View:
New Crimson Design

I like the look from the side, but the side things I think clash...maybe. I'm not too fond of the top view though, which is kind of important as the game is in a top down view. As this ship was mainly based on obscure shapes in my head, I don't have a very nice reference to get inspiration from, so I'll have to fight with the design a bit, but I think I can get something I like. The enemy ships should be easier as they all have themes and are meant to look like certain things. I can only hope at least.

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