Friday, March 12, 2010

Crimson Bomber Redesign

I didn't like the design of the Crimson Bomber (the player's ship) before and I have the code working for Versilla to get a demo up (and to test some features and add in things I didn't see before), so I decided to redesign the Crimson Bomber. And I seem to suck at pulling ideas out of my head as they are fairly vague shapes in my head and I'm not very good at drawing. BUT! I did get something out...looks like an orca:

Crimson Bomber Concept

And here is the current Crimson Bomber for reference:
Old Crimson Bomber

I was still planning to have the two side things cover the ship basically but usually stay split like before, but now I'm not sure. I do still want side thingies but because they wouldn't cover the ship like before I have nothing. Got a vague idea looking at some sci-fi art for inspiration and basically got this going on

Side View:
New Crimson Design

Top View:
New Crimson Design

I like the look from the side, but the side things I think clash...maybe. I'm not too fond of the top view though, which is kind of important as the game is in a top down view. As this ship was mainly based on obscure shapes in my head, I don't have a very nice reference to get inspiration from, so I'll have to fight with the design a bit, but I think I can get something I like. The enemy ships should be easier as they all have themes and are meant to look like certain things. I can only hope at least.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Versilla Demo Underway

Figured I might want to update this once in a while. I've taken one of two models of some ships I've had laying around and I'm making a game (top down, vertical shoot-em-up, or shmup). It's called Versilla and I've finally had enough time to get it to the point that I can make a demo. The demo will probably either be the first stage or just a test stage with an assortment of enemies and weapons to do some tests (probably multiple stages in fact). Once I test all the code, I'll start working on the graphics, make some tweaks, etc.; can't wait.

Not many things to show right now but here's a bug!
(Note: there's only suppose to be two of those purplish ships)


and a video:

More soon...hopefully.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some art from the past, and a leap into the future?

So, I was thinking about creating an art pack of generic models people can use for various (games) projects , mainly as better looking placeholders. I need to get back into art as well, so I figured this would be a good way to get back on that track. Some people asked to see some past work, and it comes up occasionally, so...time to post my past works! Most look horrid, or aren't well polished, but oh well:

Probably my first project...or second; it was back in 2004:
Vector Man!

On the Red vs. Blue forums back around 2004, they had a few painting competitions where they would hand out a line art picture and contestants would paint over it; best painting won. This was the only entry i ever made:
Master Chief

This was my first full scene I completed. It's snoopy and woodstock, but I never really finished it...but the snoopy model was just horribly made so I just decided to move on:
The Scene
Snoopy in his ace helmet

This was my first model I did for a team where I actually had the chance to show things off! I'm actually quite proud of this model even though there could be some improvements, but that's in the past. From the concept frame I got, I'm guessing he's an E.S.W.A.T. bomb disposal officer guy...whatever:
The Concept
Officer 1
Head Shot

This is a scene I did for the "Master's and Servant" challenge at This I believe was around the same time or before the guy you see above. Not my greatest, but meh:
Mission Failed

And after that challenge, I entered the next one but didn't get to complete it...I was getting good too :P
Hermes Torso

And here are two ships I've had in my head for probably a decade...or longer; and there are more in this series of ships. I started modeling them, but I can't seem to pull out the details of them...these are just the base meshes to be worked on at a later time:
Mantiray Fighter 1
Mantiray Fighter 2

Crimson Bomber 1
Crimson Bomber 2
Crimson Bomber 3
Crimson Bomber 4

Friday, October 17, 2008

Obligitory First Post

Hello all! I have no idea what to say... I'm not quite sure what this blog will be about; I guess it'll be one of those multi-topic blogs for personal use and such. Maybe following my personal projects... yea, that's probably what I'll use it for. Well, 'till next time. Adios mi amigos.